Buffer tanks of the system Tank in tank (series VTA/N)

  • In the market since 2010

  • Products are certified in the EU (EN12897)

  • Production of non-standard equipment

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001

  • Capacities up to 10,000 liters with pressure up to 10 bar

Construction of heat accumulators of model VTA/N Tank in tank implies the presence in carbon steel tank the stainless steel tank. Due to this construction, heat accumulators of this series combine all advantages of accumulation boiler and storage tank. This model is designed for simultaneous use in heating systems, and preparation and accumulation of hot water.

The inner tank is made of high quality food-grade stainless steel. Its main difference is the construction of wall of the tank, which is made waveform for increased resistance to external pressure, increasing of heat exchange area, and this construction allows self-cleaning of scale due to thermal extensions.

Construction of heat accumulators of model VTA/N-1 provides the presence of carbon steel heat exchanger, located structurally below, which is designed for optional connection of solar collectors or other heat generators (heat pump, gas, solid fuel, electric boiler, etc.).

The construction of model VTA/N-2 does not provide the presence of heat exchanger. This allows you to connect it directly to any heat generator.

The main difference of model VTA/N-1-SOLAR PLUS is increased inner tank, part of which is structurally located directly in the middle of heat exchanger, thereby increasing the efficiency of heat accumulator with low-temperature heat sources.

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