Covers for flat solar collectors

Covers for flat solar collectors
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Each year due to increasing of prices for fossil fuels, is increasing the relevance of efficient energy from alternative sources. Wind and sun are the most common alternative energy sources.

Recently, solar energy is used not only for electricity but also to transform solar energy into heat for heating the heat carrier, which in turn provides water heating for hot water supply. Solar collectors are used to convert solar energy into thermal energy. The most common collectors are flat solar collectors, which, due to black absorber, heat the heat carrier at the basis of solar collector.

With the growing of needs for cheap energy source, the company Teplobak offers of high quality aluminum bottom for flat solar collectors of size 1000×2100 mm, which can be used to create flat solar collector at home, taking into account features of buildings. This bottom is the basis of solar collector, thereby providing protection of internal thermal circuit from mechanical damages and thermal insulation from moisture.

Bottoms of solar collectors of size 1000 × 2100 mm are always in stock at the warehouses of the company Teplobak.

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