Boilers with inner coating of polymer bioceramics (series VTP)

  • In the market since 2010

  • Products are certified in the EU (EN12897)

  • Production of non-standard equipment

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001

  • Capacities up to 10,000 liters with pressure up to 10 bar

Heat accumulators of this series are made of structural steel S235J. In the process of production, their inner surface is covered with bioceramic polymer coating containing biocides. It is flexible, which prevents the formation of cracks on the accumulator due to temperature changes and small deformations. Composition of inner coating contains biocide that prevents creation of pitting corrosion in the process of tank exploitation. The combination of these properties significantly increases the life of product.

Tanks are used to accumulate hot water for engineering systems of hotel and restaurant complex, housing sector (apartment buildings with centralized water supply system, cottages, private houses), service sector objects and more.

Depending on the model, the tank is equipped with one (VTP 1), two (VTP 2) or three (VTP 3) flanges that are designed for mounting additional flange heat exchangers. These models can work in the system Turbo-boiler. The feature of heat accumulators VTP - 4 and VTP -5 is the use of one built heat exchanger at the bottom of the tank to connect any source of heat. Thus, this model is ideal for monovalent systems of DHW.

The difference of VTP-5 is the ability of mounting of additional flange heat exchanger in the upper flange.

Model VTP- 6 is equipped with two fixed heat exchangers that allow to operate the tank in bivalent systems. Lower heat exchanger is usually connected to low-temperature heat sources (solar collector, heat pump, heat recovery installations) and upper, in turn, to high-temperature (gas, electric boiler) and is used to finish heating of water to the required temperature. The tank provides an inspection flange hole for product service.

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