EHE (electric heating elements)

EHE (electric heating elements)
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Electric heating elements (EHE) are used to heat various environments by convection, heat conduction and / or radiation and are used as components in heating installations

The company Teplobak offers electric heating elements with capacity from 2 to 15 kW.

EHE of Teplobak are made of highly quality stainless steel Incoloy 800 and refers to the class of wet thermoelectric heating elements. They have a built-in thermostat and work in the temperature range from 30 to 75C. Thermostat with smooth adjustment and temperature limiter protects the heater from overheating. When the temperature is 75C, EHE switches off automatically. To extend the service life of EHE, it is recommended to operate the appliance between 50˚ to 60˚.

The feature of Teplobak EHE is the presence of cold zone in the lower part of the body, thus avoiding local overheating of heating element in the mounting site and thus extending the life.

EHE basis is thin-walled metal shell of a certain diameter, inside which is a spiral with considerable resistance. Ends of the spiral are connected with special rods, which are attached outside to the contacts.

Between the contacts and the ends of pipes is installed insulator. The space in the shell of EHE is filled with filler, which has higher dielectric properties and has high thermal conductivity.

Crystalline magnesium oxide is commonly used as a filler of EHE. End face is filled with special heat-resistant waterproof paint that minimizes environmental impact on electrical parameters of EHE filler during storage and operation.

Thus, during EHE operation is released heat when an electric current passes through wired spiral. Heat energy in turn passes from the spiral through the shell to the environment.

EHE Teplobak in its construction has threaded hexagon head for the possibility of its mounting into heat accumulator.

Our company has always in stock at the warehouses EHE Teplobak with power from 2 to 15 kW, the use of which in tanks-heat accumulators helps to achieve maximum efficiency of the combined heating system.

Marking Power, W Network voltage, V Length of heating element, mm Cold zone, mm Weight, kg Price, EUR
Teplobak 2,0 2000 1~220 360 100 2,0 50
Teplobak 3,0 3000 1~220 400 100 2,2 56
Teplobak 4,5 4500 3~400 400 100 1,95 166
Teplobak 6,0 6000 3~400 500 100 2,14 170
Teplobak 7,5 7500 3~400 500 100 2,30 176
Teplobak 9,0 9000 3~400 600 100 2,51 189
Teplobak 12,0 12000 3~400 700 100 2,76 198
Teplobak 15,0 15000 3~400 820 100 2,92 223
Teplobak 18,0 18000 3~400 850 100 5,2 265
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