Heat pump Teplobak in combination with water heater VTP

Heat pump Teplobak in combination with water heater VTP
  • saving in the systems of hor water heating is increased almost four times;
  • the most ecological way of hot water heating CO2 emissions are reduced by more than 62%;
  • short term of return on investment (about 5 years) excluding the cost of water heater, which we shall purchase in any case, the payback period for its price will be even shorter;
  • possibility of cooling of small facilities;
  • possibility of use of heat pump air-water throughout the year regardless of season;
  • possibility to connect water heater to any heating unit with optional built-in heat exchanger made of stainless steel.


Capacity 300 l

The company Teplobak developed water heater VTP in conjunction with heat pump air-water, which heats the sanitary water using heat of surrounding air and thus consumes almost four times less energy than conventional water heaters.

Multifunctional heat pump controller Teplobak provides optimal control of heat pump air-water with features such as automatic program anti-legionella and weekly timer.

Highly effective compressor provides low maintenance, long life and hot water with temperatures up to 62C. This allows us to perform disinfection of water heater from legionella without additional electric heater.

The condenser of heat pump air-water is placed outside of the tank of water heater and has a large area of heat exchange, so the water heats faster. Use of indirect heat prevents leakage of coolant into hot sanitary water.

Big evaporator with optimal spacing between slats ensures efficient work even under difficult operating conditions.

Water heater VTP with built-in magnesium anode provides reliable protection against corrosion and insulation with thickness 65 mm low heat loss.

Heat pump Teplobak air-water can effectively cool small facilities with air ducts, which are to be assembled from the point of air intake by thermal pump to output point. The total length of channels should not exceed 10 meters.

Overview of VTP boiler combined with a heat pump Teplobak:

  • Capacity of water heater 300l;
  • Thickness of insulation 65 mm;
  • Power consumption 0,63 kW;
  • Thermal power 2,15 kW;
  • COP 3,8;
  • Type of heat pump air/water;
  • Heating time of water at Δ 35° - 6 hrs.;
  • Minimum required temperature of inlet air of heat pump: +10°.

Heat pump air-water a good investment - a good investment.