Thermal charging unit Laddomat

Thermal charging unit Laddomat
  • Models:
  • Laddomat 21-60 (to 60 kW);
  • Laddomat 21-100 (to 120 kW);
  • Laddomat 21 (to 80 kW).
  • In the kit pump, 3 thermometers, ball valves.
  • Connection R32
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Thermal charging unit Laddomat is designed to:

  • allow the boiler to reach a high working temperature soon after firing;
  • preheat the cold tank water in the bottom of the boiler so that the boiler does not rust away due to condensation;
  • charge the tank with water at a high and even temperature and low flow, to ensure optimal layering in the tank;
  • in the event of electrical power failure stopping the pump, transfer the heat in the boiler to the tank through self-circulation;
  • thanks to a thermal valve that completely closes the bypass port, Laddomat at the final burning stage ensures full recharging of the charge;
  • 3 thermometers provide full control over the charging process;
  • quick installation;
  • compactness (small size);
  • EPP insulation is standard.
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