Boilers and tanks-accumulators for hot water supply

  • In the market since 2010

  • Products are certified in the EU (EN12897)

  • Production of non-standard equipment

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001

  • Capacities up to 10,000 liters with pressure up to 10 bar

The company Teplobak offers a wide range of boilers and tanks-accumulators for hot water supply systems, which can completely solve the issue of provision of Your object with hot water.

The product line of the company Teplobak contains boilers with internal enameled (series VTE) or polymer-ceramic coating (series VTP), and stainless steel boilers (series VTN).

Due to own experience and use of modern technological innovations, we can manufacture for You the tank for hot water supply on demand to fit your needs with capacity up to 10000 liters.

You always get more with Teplobak.

How we work