• In the market since 2010

  • Products are certified in the EU (EN12897)

  • Production of non-standard equipment

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001

  • Capacities up to 10,000 liters with pressure up to 10 bar

Heating systems become more efficient and economical every year. Thus heating systems, installed before, eventually need updating and installing of new components. Electric heating elements (EHE), heat exchangers, components for alternative energy sources are widely used nowadays. The use of multiple components simultaneously in the heating system will increase efficiency, economy, reduce the load on heat generator and extend the heating system.

Use of electric heating elements in the heating system allows to maintain the temperature of heat carrier in the system, increasing the time between switch on of heat generator. Flanged heat exchanger, installed in heat accumulator, will provide heating of heat carrier by alternative heat sources (solar panels). Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly popular and are commonly used in DHW system, providing reduction of load on heat generator in the heating system.

All components for the heating system are always available in the warehouses of the company Teplobak.

EHE (electric heating elements)

Electric heating elements (EHE) are used to heat various environments by convection, heat conduction and / or radiation. The company Teplobak offers heating elements with capacity of 2-15 kW. Due to the construction of electric heater that has hexagonal head with thread 1¼, it is easily mounted in heat accumulating tanks of the company Teplobak. EHE basis is thin-walled metal shell of a certain diameter, inside which is a spiral with considerable resistance. Ends of the spiral are connected with special rods, which are attached outside to the contacts.

Flanged heat exchanger of ribber copper

The main material of this heat exchanger copper because it has a very high thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. Corrugated outer surface increases the thermal efficiency of the tube. Ribbed heat exchangers are used primarily for heating of heat carrier of the heating system in storage tank with solar collectors.

Absorber for solar collectors

Absorber for solar collectors copper foil, coated with highly selective coating. Absorber is used for self-production of flat solar collectors. Considerable heat resistance (295C) and durability are achieved through the use of high-quality metal-coating.

Covers for flat solar collectors

High-quality aluminium bottom for flat solar collectors of size 1000×2100 mm are always in stock at the warehouses of LLC SPE Teplobak. The bottom is the basis for a flat solar collector designed for protection against damages of internal thermal circuit and thermal protection from moisture. Taking the bottom as basis, you can create your own flat solar collector at home.

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