Chilled Water Tanks (CWT Series)
  • capacity 200-1500 liters;
  • rubber insulation with thickness of 12 or 25 mm;
  • customized manufacturing according to customers drawing.
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Chilled Water Tanks (CWT Series)

Tanks of the CWT series are designed for storing chilled water in refrigeration systems, systems with heat pumps and fan coil units, when cooling refrigerating chambers, including in devices with limited water content and where the processes of production and consumption of cold are separated in time.

Some models of these tanks are designed for alternate (seasonal) accumulation of cold or hot water, working in appropriate reversible circuits.

The use of chilled water tanks in the cooling system provides:

  • the ability to smooth the load on the refrigerating machine during peak hours of cold consumption, as well as in the mode of constant starts and stops;
  • reducing the load on the system with uneven daily loads;
  • an increase in the volume of the refrigeration system, which will reduce the frequency of turning on and off the chiller;
  • extending the service life of the refrigerating machine.

Tanks of the CWT series of the Teplobak company are supplied in the following versions:

  • CWT CS - made of carbon steel, external anti-corrosion painting. Volume up to 10,000 liters;
  • CWT ZN - made of carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized in accordance with EN1461. Volume up to 3000 liters;
  • CWT PC - made of carbon steel, internal bioceramic polymer coating, external anti-corrosion painting. Volume up to 10,000 liters;
  • CWT SS - made of stainless steel. Volume up to 5000 liters.

Structure of tanks:

Structurally, chilled water tanks CWT can be manufactured with internal elements (vertical or horizontal partitions, pipe guides, etc.) or without.

Insulation of tanks for chilled water CWT from Teplobak is represented by the following types:

  • anti-condensation rubber insulation with or without a casing (ABS plastic);
  • two-layer insulation for tanks operating in reversible systems (rubber + polyester (or polyurethane foam) in a casing (ABS plastic or PVC fabric))
  • insulation for tanks operating in reversible systems (rigid polyurethane foam in a casing (PVC fabric, aluminum, stainless steel))

The specialists of the Teplobak company, depending on the technical requirements and wishes of the customer, are ready to offer various types of tanks for chilled water to solve your problems. We guarantee proven technical solutions, reliability, durability, quality and high efficiency of our equipment.

Contact us, we will help you to make your cooling system more efficient!