Cold accumulator (series VH)
  • capacity 200-1500 liters;
  • rubber insulation with thickness of 12 or 25 mm;
  • customized manufacturing according to customers drawing.
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Storage tank for cold supply

Storage tank of cold VH-1 is designed for accumulation of coolant used in refrigeration systems. Cold accumulators are widely used in industrial and domestic refrigeration systems.

Storage tank for cold supply is made of carbon steel and has zinc coating to prevent condensation on walls of the product. Cold accumulators are made of various capacity and configuration according to the order.

Usage of cold accumulator in refrigeration systems enables to smooth the load on the compressor during peak hours of cold consuming and, in the mode of regular starts and stops, to reduce the load on the system at uneven daily load, to provide increased volume of hydraulic circuit of refrigeration machine that will reduce the incidence of switching on and off the chiller.

It is possible to buy or order a cold accumulator (of non-standard size or with certain characteristics) in the company Teplobak ( for the most optimal price.

Cold accumulators are used for:

  • smoothing peak loads;
  • extending the life of refrigeration machine;
  • smoothing temperature fluctuations.

Protection time of compressor 6min., and the maximum allowable change in fluctuation 1.5, then the tank capacity:

P chiller maximum power (kW)
V volume of the room
VA water amount in the system (l)
Z number of circuits or power degrees

If V of a tank is negative, the tank is not necessary.

Structure of tanks:

The total amount of water in the cold supply system (including with tank) 10-15 liters per 1 kW of cooling capacity.

In practice distinguish: buffer and storage tank.