Flanged heat exchanger of ribber copper

Flanged heat exchanger of ribber copper
  • The possibility of compact installation, due to the high thermal conductivity of copper, combined with optimized copper surface;
  • Corrosion resistance of copper materials;
  • Copper hygienic antimicrobial agent for use and storage of water;
  • Possibility of replacement through compact construction of coil;
  • Can be adapted to individual requirements.
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The main material of this heat exchanger copper because it has a very high thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. Corrugated inner surface increases the thermal efficiency of the tube.

Ribbed heat exchangers are used primarily for heating drinking water or for heating of large tanks with water. They are used for different kinds of boilers and solar collectors (safety requirements to the heating system with flow to 110C).

Spiral heat exchanger consists of seamless copper tube with integral ribs (GEWA-D) and solder fittings. Tested under pressure 28 bar.

Series Heat exchanger area, m2 Weight, kg Dimensions, mm
a b c d e f D Df1 Df2 Df3 fl
VPA WT-15 3,2 18 580 90 40 1" 10 12 194 280 245 14 71
VPA WT-20 4,4 23 585 120 40 1¼" 25 12 194 280 245 14 91
VPA WT-30 5,4 25 725 115 40 1¼" 25 12 194 280 245 14 91
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